Tik Tok Viral | Mia Khalifa removes her clothes in TikTok and gets a surprise by getting naked Viral YouTube VIDEO


Mia Khalifa, a former actress in the adult film and now a sports reporter, he decided to join the boom that you live with ‘TikTok’, the popular social network that has gained 500 million users since its creation in 2016, and has reached its highest peak of popularity during this quarantine.

Such is the popularity of ‘TikTok’, anyone that is deemed influencer and has a large legion of followers want to stay away, so that Khalifa he opened his account and decided to inaugurate it with a ‘half-naked’. The registry is already viral in the social networks.

As expected, she and her first video had a great success and in record time reached 5 million followers, who are very aware of the content that goes up the exactriz of adult cinema.

First video of Mia Khalifa in Tiktok

Unlike what many expect Khalifa does not have inappropriate content or risque in his account of ‘TikTok’, is more surprised his followers by sharing videos humorous.

But to the delight of their loyal fans, there is a video where the now sports journalist waste of sensuality and very faithful to his style captivates the internet users who didn’t hesitate to make viral the log in Youtube.

In the images that are already a success in the redes social looks like Mia Khalifa that is located with a robe of sleep, manages to shed her clothes and apparently gets naked. However, the camera does not focus in so that tofo is left to the imagination of the viewer.