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Extraction” also known as “Mission Rescue” or “Tyler Rake” by the name of its protagonist, is a new film of action and thriller directed by Sam Hargrave for Netflix. This tape gave a lot to talk about at the start of their production by the participation of the Brothers Russo on the production team and Chris Hemsworth with the main role. The same was based on the comic book Ande Parks, Joe Russo, and Fernando León González called “City”.

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In summary, Tyler Rake is a mercenary who is hired to save the son of a gangster of India from the hands of a master of the drug in Bangladesh. As a reward, he will receive a lot of money, but half of the job he realizes that there is something strange in all the plan. Suddenly, the child is just a package that has been assigned to carry. As a result, all of the bet also goes up.

The film has given good results at the box office with the majority of positive reviews, but what is certain is that the spectators have been divided in front of the tape action starring Chris Hemsworth. While some praised the action scenes that compare to other movies Hollywood, others say that his villains were not at the height of what is expected.

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However, what has confused you all, has been the end of the movie, because they do not know exactly what this means for Tyler Rake or if, perhaps, there will be a second part. In this article we will explain to you everything that happened but be careful, later on there will be spoilers of the tape.


Official poster of “Extraction” (Photo: Netflix)

In a moment of the film, Tyler he realizes that to leave alone of the city will not work, so look to Saju in search of help. Previously, I had believed that Saju I had betrayed Ovi Mahajan Sr and I was going to give to your child Asif. Later, it comes to light that he actually had the best interests of the child. Had deceived the team Tyler because I didn’t have enough money to pay for the second delivery. He planned to rescue Ovi of Tyler and after killing him to not have to owe anything.

With Gaspar out of the scene, Tyler you can’t rely on anyone else. He calls Sajuand them comes up with a plan to get Ovi safe. The only thing that stands between them and freedom is the bridge that connects the city with the world outside of the scope of Asif. If you cross that, you will be safe so Tyler it distracts the thugs opening fire. As still do not know Saju, believe that Ovi it is with him.

They focus all their resources in him, and, taking advantage of this opportunity, Saju and Ovi fleeing in the car. On the bridge, they are stuck and have to walk the rest of the distance on foot. Using the chaos around it to go unnoticed, but a police suspect them. After this, Saju is forced to kill him and the other policemen who had followed.

Tyler Rake is a mercenary who was hired to rescue a child in Bangladesh (Photo: Netflix)
Tyler Rake is a mercenary who was hired to rescue a child in Bangladesh (Photo: Netflix)

Meanwhile, Asif he had been watching the action from their rooftop. First, he was focused on Tyler, but the sudden upset in the bridge we called the attention, and realizes that they are only distracting. Then, send an additional force to the bridge, and occurs in a blood bath. On the other side of the bridge, Rik arrives with help, but Ovi you will have to cross the bridge alone.

To try to keep alive to Ovi, Saju loses a life. Tyler finds his way to the bridge and, after receiving a few blows, he manages to annihilate all the people that are trying to kill him, but only manages to be helped by Rik. Just when you think you have achieved, someone shoots him in the back. It turns out to be Farhadthe young gangster-in-training. Succumbing to his wounds, Tyler falls to the river and Ovi back to life. Or at least, this is how it looks.


Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) and Ovi (Rudraksh Jaiswal) (Photo: Netflix)
Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) and Ovi (Rudraksh Jaiswal) (Photo: Netflix)

In his final scene, the film wraps up some loose ends and at the same time leads to the possibility of a sequel. After his rescue, we find Ovi back in Mumbai, resuming their school life without much interest. At the same time you see this, you are shown scenes of what happened in Dhaka. Asif back to business, seemingly having accepted their defeat. But nothing comes Rik and shoots him in the head.

Then we see Ovi, jumping to the pool just when Tyler he had jumped off the cliff at the beginning of the film. When out of the water, we see a figure stop at a certain distance from the pool, the outline makes it seem like it is Tyler. Is it really him, then? If so, how he survived the fatal injury on the bridge? One of the most important points to bear in mind when considering the death of a character is to see his dead body, but in the case of Tyler it was not so.

In the film, while chase Tyler and Ovithe thugs think they might have perished in an explosion. But Asif you’re not convinced because you have not seen his corpse. The film has in mind to show the death of each character with certainty. Either Gaspar or Saju or the team Tyler: The death of all is confirmed with the last planes of their faces.

Tyler and Ovi have a very special (Picture: Netflix)
Tyler and Ovi have a very special (Picture: Netflix)

To emphasize this, the film shows Rik killing to Asifand the camera stays with them until Rik you are sure that your target is dead and walks away. However, such a thing had not happened with Tyler. Being as it is, Tyler must have survived his injuries and to have found the way back. Previously, he was trying to die because wrapped up in the pain and the guilt of the death of his son, and was looking for ways to kill him.

However, with Ovi, find that connection and purpose once more, which means that your desire to die has been suspended. He has a reason to live, and is good enough to not leave his path ends there. In addition, after the death of Saju, Ovi will need someone to take care of him, especially with his father still in prison. Who better than Tyler for the job? It is possible that is already talking a sequel with the meeting of Tyler and Ovi.


  • Address: Sam Hargrave.
  • Script: Joe Russo.
  • Duration: 116 minutes.
  • Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Golshifteh Farahani, David Harbour,
  • Rudhraksh Jaiswal.
  • Exclusive premiere on Netflix


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