Venus and Serena Williams advise the players more young people


The Williams sisters, Venus and Serena, appeared in the online program of the English Naomi Campbell on Monday and talked about a wide range of topics, from tennis to your skills of fashion. Campbell, an international supermodel, activist and philanthropist, is currently in the third and final week of your programme in line – “No Filter with Naomi”

When asked what advice he would give Venus to aspiring tennis players, the seven-time champion of Grand Slam singles Venus said: “Do the work for the tennis and then let him work for you.

To reach the professional level is the frosting on the cake, it is not easy to do or maintain, and it is not impossible. I would say that serves all-you-can sports. Works as hard as you can, surround yourself with people who are positive, smart, wise, that you develop, they have your best interests at heart and want to help you get to where you need to reach.

Then, when you do those things, whether you are a professional or not, the game will do the work for you. You will learn a lot, ” Serena agreed completely with her sister on the council for young people.

“Loose the microphone, could not say it better.What you do and what you learn, brings the discipline and the drive to do what you want to do. Whether you continue in the sport or not, have the elements to move forward in the world “

Venus also spoke about that strange play tennis on the tour today. “It’s fun to play Wimbledon and the U.s. Open and the French Open. We missed tournaments in our states of origin in California [Indian Wells] and Florida [Miami].

Growing up, we were the youngest on the totem pole, so I just do all what they did to our sisters. Fortunately, we had good models to follow ” The two also discussed a wide range of other topics, including their careers as fashion