VIRAL VIDEO: it Superman to the rescue! Henry Cavill sends emotional message to Mexico

Loved by women and admired by men, the actor Henry Cavill you just threw to the bag to virtually all of Mexico after a message issued in support of our people.

The protagonist of the last Superman movies, directed a few words of encouragement to our nation, because it is one of his country favorites. This, despite the fact that there are nations that are most affected by the new coronavirus.

It should be noted that the video was issued in 2017, after the earthquake that shook the CDMX and other states of the republic. However, what revived on social networks for the affection that he has to Mexico.

Through its account of Instagram quoted:

Beloved Mexico. I know that you’re going through a really difficult time, but I want to send this message because you are one of my countries favorites to visit. When I’m on a press tour always fill me with good will and energy. By this I want to return the favor by sending this message of goodwill, hope and positive thoughts on their way to a rebuilding process quickly. Good luck

Without a doubt, the warlock showed his human side and humble to the call Mexico not to give up and with security now has to think the same thing.

Mexico, hope (hope), title for the recording, was played over a million 283 thousand times. As expected, he showered the acknowledgements, flowers, and comments that it is a true superhero.

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