“Waka Waka” of Shakira becomes an anthem for many who struggle against the coronavirus


The video has managed to captivate the hearts of many, because as the song says, they are all “on the front line” fighting the virus in hospitals, and streets…

Shakira shared a video in Tik Tok that it has reached the hearts of many. In it appear as doctors, nurses, police officers, many of who are in the front line fighting the coronavirus, which apparently are inspired by the hymn of the soccer world cup in 2010.


These videos are incredible and I’m so honored this song of mine that now is yours, can be so uplifting in such difficult times.

I original sound – shakira

In the first few seconds of the video apparently all that in it appear to sing the first verse of “Waka Waka”:

“You’re a good soldier Choosing your battles Pick yourself up and dust yourself off and back in the saddle You’re on the front line Everyone’s watching You know it’s serious we’re getting closer, this isn’t over”.

“These videos are amazing and I’m so honored that this song of mine, now is yours, can be so stimulating in such difficult times. Thank you heroes of the first line for all that you are doing!”, wrote the colombian on Instagram, where he also shared the playlist that already exceeds one million views.

The publication of Shakira’s part of a compilation of videos that are in Tik Tok, where doctors, nurses, police officers and first responders have taken the “Waka Waka” as a battle hymn and motivation.

Shakira lives in Barcelona, Spain, country that was brutally attacked by a coronavirus, COVID-19, for this reason she was one of the first celebrities to create awareness through your social media networks, emphasizing that social distancing was a necessity that was to be fulfilled with the purpose of protect yourself, as much as all that we love.

Here is the song which encouraged also the world that took place in Africa in the year 2010.

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