What Halsey and Yungblud returned? A dinner dismisses rumors


Some celebs have been maintained in isolation to prevent the spread of the Covid-19, during their quarantine, they have done concerts, videos Tik Tok, have been given advice to your fans or have joined the #SafeHands Challenge, but for others it is the opportunity to reconnect with lovers from the past.

doHalsey and Yungblud returned? Both singers have thrilled their fans, we tell you what we know.

Through your account Instagram, Halsey shared a Storie to show off his skills as a cook, during the isolation, the singer takes advantage of the time preparing dishes and enjoy them during your dinner, but it seems that your plans included someone else: his ex-boyfriend Yungblud. What???

Apparently both have been spending time together since the singer posted the photo of Halsey and accompanied it with the message: “I confirm it”, implying that he dined with her and the food was excellent. OMG

The rumors about a possible reconciliation increased when some fans realized that Halsey deleted the photo from his birthday at the side of Evan Peters. Some fans were excited on social networks, because they worshipped them together. It is not known if they were only passing the time together or are really attempts to return.