What is the bed of Drake that costs almost 9 million pesos?


How much would you be willing to pay for get to sleep right away and keep it deep? The new bed from Hästens is all you need to do this. Yes, that is worth 9 million pesos and Drake paid for it.

Hästens is a Swedish manufacturer of beds which, due to its artisan manufacture and their passion for excellence, managed to build a legacy in the world of dreams since 1852 and proclaimed as the author of the best beds handmade in the world.

If you are someone who takes his rest very seriously, we will describe in detail the process and the characteristics of Grand Vividus, if you’re not yet convinced.

Grand Vividus, the bed of 400 thousand dollars

We’ll start by tell you, the beds from Hästens are made completely by hand and with natural materials.

Grand Vividus comes after a collaboration with the well-known designer of luxury, Ferris Rafauli , recognized for its innovative vision in the creation of luxury housing for highly-demanding clients.

The result of this collaboration is a bed continental design combines a timeless and classic with the unique style of Rafauli.

Grand Vividus exudes luxury, quality and design (without commitment) that it automatically becomes a work of art for your bedroom.

Grand Vividus is made entirely by hand, woven fabric jacquard 100% cotton and dyed ecologically. The corners and handles decorative they are made with leather, shagreen, which adds a unique texture.

While the fabric of the bed is algódón, 100% breathable and carefully upholstered by hand with a fabric designed by Farris is based on the horse that appears in the logo of Hästens.

On the other hand you will find details of brass gilt can be seen on the screws that make up the bed, as well as in the plate marked with the name Grands Vividus and the symbol of Hästens and Ferris Rafauli.

To finish, the leather that makes up Grand Vivance is European and of high quality, tanned without chemicals, cut with the utmost precision, dyed carefully in four colors, while the edges are polished for maximum smoothness.

On the list of buyers is already the name of the rapper american, Drake. So, imagine the value of your home.