Where is Greta? – Katy Mikhailova


Greta Thunberg no makeup, no manicure, no dyed hair, don’t comb your hair beyond remove any tangles after each shower (maybe you unscramble their parents or agents). May not perfume. Dress… dress with the right. Just enough to still look girl; just enough to still appear humble; just to give an example green, of ‘fashion circular’ outside the fashion and the consumption aggressive. Greta recycled clothing. More: Greta is not the lava, to save water. And, most importantly, Greta has already predicted the debacle of the aesthetics of the Coronavirus. But, do you realize? Since the West has welcomed Covid19, Greta has stopped import. Does anyone talk about it?

There are those who think that the Covid-19 it is fulfilling the function of “accelerator changes“sooner or later were going to happen, and that in the end, all this crisis does not cease to be a message that tells us the planet. As cruel (or faithful) metaphor, it is a war between man and nature that leads dominándola from long ago, and, for the first time, not manages to conquer it.

And like all war, the aesthetics do not matter. Only ethics and survival. And in the midst of all this maelstrom, I see the coexistence of two types of personalities: which began with frustration, confinement, and which is only now starting to get used to; and that we began with more optimism, but we are living gradually a emotional exhaustion. Dead energy, stifled the urge to dress up (or dress). Whom do we deceive? What do our followers of Instagram?

Analysts are more optimistic, while we are silent witnesses of the collapse of the industry of fashion and beauty, we asked if -perhaps – the e-commerce could save this sector. Minutes later, I think there is more that analizarme myself to answer the question (I’m 4 kilos that I rescue, Greenpeace, as narrated in past times: bow improvised in the head, I find myself writing this column from my couch, with my pajamas “bunny” combined with the first shirt that I found clean, without nails, or makeup, and wondering, for the umpteenth time, where are we headed and where will the money from all those state aid. Oh who has the urge to buy anything in these moments!? Because I, they are subject to honest, no. Who cares about image? Do the extra pounds? Does the fat less?

During the last few weeks I have focused on analyzing the aesthetic trends at the time of a pandemic, as well as the paragraph in solidarity of the big brands of fashion and beauty. Now what is more unpleasant: the quantification objective of the -potential- ‘crack’ by the Covid-19 in the fashion.

And that is, understanding the fashion (not as an industry that creates dreams frivolous) as a tool to create jobs and wealth, the number of affiliates to Social Security in this sector is positioning itself in march in at 132,000 people in Spain, which represents a decline of 4.5% over the previous month. This implies also a decline of 6.7% compared to march of 2019. Footwear tops the section most affected industry, representing an interannual decrease of 10.7%, followed by textile glass 7.2%. We are in only the beginning of a dramatic situation whose end we do not know.

Remember that Tendam (Grupo Cortefiel) it foreshadowed a STRONG the little bit of the proclamation of the State of Alarm, affecting 7,000 people. In this line, H&M farewell (temporarily) to 5,600 workers; Mango, to 4.767; Uneven, to 1.359; Adolfo Dominguez, more than 900 people. Inditex, waiting to hear if you lasted or not in the Alarm State (it is needless to say what we know but the Government is silent). In such a case, the temporary layoff of the giant fashion Amancio Ortega could affect 37,000 employees. Situation, however, does not salpicaría to the employees of the logistic warehouses to ensure orders online. Yes! These online orders more than one we could brighten your day, but that, if we continue with the solidarity to prevent infections, better not ask anything that is not essential. Not to mention the ‘crash emotional’, the fear to spend, and the seasons of fashion obsolete, because the moles do not feel like eating.

More discreet, all the Spanish brands, led by independent designers, that are part of the ACME (Fashion Creators of Spain) as Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Roberto Verino, Ion Fiz, Devota & Lomba, Francis Montesinos, among many other, are also being affected. In fact, Modesto Lomba, president of the association, announced a week ago that all the partners of the ACME could suffer losses close to 90 million euros only in the month of march.

According to a McKinsey study, 89% of the companies in the fashion industry will face serious financial problems if the quarantine reaches, at least, two months. The consultant, in fact, analyzes the situation of China, and notes that, once re-opened the fashion stores in the country, 75% of the population has continued to avoiding the malls.

The time has come to embrace a fashion more honest and natural. An aesthetic far from the glitz and the baroque, and that will put upwards the naturalness of not being able to dye her roots, plucking well-the legs, soak up the sun on a whirlwind trip to the Caribbean or in the cabins of UVA Rays, assuming that when we deplete a scent your “replacement” will not be so easy. And this is what there is. The black swan has the shape and color of gray rhinoceros with a source of bat, and that Greta Thunberg has gone from being fashionable with the emergence of Covid19 because your speech has become obsolete and unnecessary. Ecologists no longer look after the planet but to survive locked up in the house, and help others to survive. Covid19 is giving us a lesson (of many) of what we have been missing the time.