Who is the new boyfriend of Kate Beckinsale, Goody Grace?


Kate Beckinsale is a beautiful English actress, known for her work in a wide variety of movies, from science fiction to drama to classic british. Despite his evident talent, Beckinsale has become more known in recent years for its relationships of high-profile. At the beginning of 2019, Beckinsale really made the rumor was shaken when he came out with the comedian much more young Pete Davidson. In these days, Beckinsale has a new relationship and burning, as expected for many fans, her new boyfriend is quite younger than her.

Kate Beckinsale smiling in front of a repetitive backgroundKate Beckinsale smiling in front of a repetitive backgroundKate Beckinsale | Phillip Faraone / . for Vanity Fair

Why is best known for Kate Beckinsale?

Kate Beckinsale was born in England in 1973. Very polite and charming, Beckinsale decided at a young age that I wanted to be an actress. He began his career in the early nineties, appearing in a variety of television programmes and british films smaller. At the end of the nineties, Beckinsale decided to move to Hollywood to get some roles in films larger. His first important film in the united States was the war film Pearl Harbor. Although the film was not a great critical success, Beckinsale made waves for its beauty.

In 2003, Beckinsale became an action star when he appeared in the movie Underworld. Since then, the film has become a cult classic and paved the way to get roles in other action films, including Van Helsing, 2004. Some of her other high profile films include The Aviator, Everybody’s Fine, Love & Friendship, Snow Angels and Underworld: Evolution. Beckinsale has definitely proven to be one of the actresses most talented of his generation, and for millions of fans, is a firm favourite.

The previous relationships of Kate Beckinsale

The romantic story of Kate Beckinsale is long and interesting. His first romance public was with fellow actor Michael Sheen. The two met in 1995 in a project in which they were both working, and in 1999, they welcomed a daughter named Lily. Beckinsale and Sheen never married, but stayed together until 2003 before splitting up. Remain in good terms and, according to the reports, have never had problems to raise her daughter.

Shortly after the romance of Beckinsale with Sheen were to break, began to go out with her director of Underworld, Len Wiseman. They were married in 2004 and remained married until 2015, when Wiseman asked for the divorce. As a maiden of forty years, Beckinsale began dating a series of younger men, including comedian Matt Rife and Jack Whitehall. However, it was his relationship with the star of SNL Pete Davidson in 2019 that really began to draw the attention of the media.

Who is dating Kate Beckinsale now?

After that Kate Beckinsale was seen with Pete Davidson at the beginning of 2019, the rumors began to turn. Many questioned why the actress is more successful and be seen with a young comedian problematic; however, the two left for several months before resigning in April of 2019. Once again, Beckinsale did not stay single for a long time. Recently, Beckinsale was linked to a musician called Goody Grace.

Despite the quarantine, Beckinsale and Grace were spotted holding hands at the beginning of April. The young musician has twenty-two years and is relatively new on the music scene, and moved to Los Angeles in 2014 to pursue his musical career. Despite its status as A rookie, he has worked with some renowned musicians, including Blink-182. It is probably best known for the song “Two Shots”. Grace looks the same alternative that has the ex Beckinsale, Pete Davidson, and wears a number of tattoos. Although neither Beckinsale nor Grace have spoken about his new relationship, it is possible that both of you are hanging out in a discreet way and does not have serious plans of staying together long-term.