You can already buy in Spain the night cream favorite Face Delevigne


The celebritieswith their public appearances where they look a skin flawless, have made us feel a great curiosity about the products and treatments which care for your skin. Something that, although it may seem that keep hiddenas if it were a State secret, some have no problem in revealing.

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Such is the case of Face Delevingnethat a couple of years ago he spoke in an interview with ‘Allure’ of the key of their iconic eyebrows populated and your routine facial care. So, we could know that the model was a faithful follower of the products of Antipodesthe signature new zealand that has just landed in Sephora Spain.

Cara Delevingne. (Getty)
Cara Delevingne. (Getty)

The specific words of the british actress to answer the question about his flagship product of skin care to leave everything very clear: “that is of The Antipodes, everything is natural. Especially their night cream avocado and pear”. A product that along with many others success in sales of the signature of organic beauty is now within the reach of the Spanish public.

We must say that, taking into account the skin uniform, juicy and free of blemishes that always looks like a model, everything points to the Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream promises to do wonders in our ritual facial night.

This product conquered the Face thanks to its formula enriched with avocado oil pure, known for its reparative qualities, and calendula oila plant used since centuries to heal and repair the skin.

These two ingredients are those which give an action of course nutritious for the night to have a complexion radiant by the day, according to the company. Which makes total sense when you consider that, while we sleep, the skin goes through a real process regenerative of skin cells that is likely to grow by the action of these two oils.

But that’s not all, because, besides this, contains manuka honey to soothe and hydrate the skin and Vinanza Grape, a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes damage of free radicals which produce signs of aging in the skin.

On sale for 45 eurosyou can become the star of your nightly routine facial care, such as happened to the top model. In addition, your fragrance pure of plants such as ylang ylang, jasmine and sandalwood will make you immerse in a ritual of aromatherapy relaxing before you go to bed.

Based on the success from this firm in the Uk, New Zealand and the countries of the Asia-Pacific region such as Thailand, we cannot expect but wins now that it has reached Spain.