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Netflix has done it again. The platform is premiere with Tyler Rake (also called Extraction), a film starring the very Chris Hemsworth. The fiction has as main ingredients the adrenaline and action, factors which they can enjoy with each plane sequence which will keep the viewer on tenterhooks until the outcome. In the production have been at the helm of the well-known brothers Anthony and Joe Russo, screenwriters, winners of an Emmy award for his work on the comedy series Arrested Development and a MTV Movie Award for best film with Avengers: Endgame. The title of this last became in lthe movie with the highest box office takings of all times.

Chris Hemsworth, that will bring to life the exciting Tyler Rake, will live several situations limit that will to Bangladesh, location of where the film is set the film. The protagonist, a mercenary willing to do anything travels to Dhaka, the capital of bengal to rescue Ovi, the son of an important drug kingpin. What begins as a mission becomes a real adventure full of obstacles. A challenge for the interpreter of Thorsince there is a frantic scene that lasts for a total of 11 minutes. Chris Hemsworth faces different enemies in the spectacular sequence, that has been applauded by the critics. All of this happens in a blink of an eye because minutes later he returned to multiply the action.

Without a doubt one of the most exciting parts of the fiction in the that also have not missed shots, a helicopter, jumps almost deadly between rooftops, fights, and falls from a great height. All this taking into account that the scene starts with a great chase through the crowded streets of the city where the protagonist is carried by the front end to a large part of the police team who tries to stop him. Behind this plane lies the stunt coordinator of action Sam Hargrave (Suicide Squad), who now directs his first film with a screenplay by Joe Russo. Tayler Rake that is also co-produced with his brother Anthony is an adaptation of the graphic novel Cityhe himself wrote a decade ago along with Ande Parks.

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The husband of Elsa Pataky has made some statements during his promo where he states that this movie it has been a challenge for his career. “It has definitely been the greatest preparation and amount of work that I’ve done for a single scene of action in my life… Required many “takes” sequence where we couldn’t hide behind camera angles, or you could edit. It meant that we had to make each movement perfect. If I could go 95% of the way and tripped on the last step, we had to re-start”, explained the actor.

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