Yuliett Torres and Mary Baltazar show anatomy with a bold pose from behind


Yuliett Towers and Mary Baltazar are two models that share similar publications in social networks, showing off their anatomy.

Both influencers consent to their followers with images of a heart attack which expose their pronounced curves.

The two are originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, and in some of their publications have shown that are very friendly, but internet users like to compare them to find out who looks best figure.

Both Yuliett Towers as Mary Baltazar are related to the world of fitness and boast their efforts in the gym in outfits entallados.

The two models look like all of his attributes in front of the camera and their accounts of Instagram are full of photos focusing their legs.

In their latest publications, the models shared a pose back to back and allowed to see too much skin in small outfits.

In front of the mirror, Yuliett Towers he posed with lingerie in two-tone, showing his prominent buttocks.

With loose hair covering much of his back and a fixed gaze, Torres he asked his followers if they believe that it is wrong to look in the mirror.

Though Yuliett had some comments in which users externaban your opinion on the myths that have been created on the mirror, the most focused on praising your beauty and make you compliments.

Thank you to the site where you took the photo, Yuliett Towers was able to show off their attributes front and rear at the same time, although the first highlighted more in the eyes of the internet users.

For its part, Mary Baltazar showed off her figure in a similar stance in his house.

In front of the door of a room in your home, the guadalajara taught her silhouette back with a body white slim fit.

The legs of Mary Baltazar were the centre of attention of internet users, who did not fail to commend her for her curves.

Mary Baltazar was able to jump to the fame in social networks from a few years ago and, thanks to the increase of followers he had managed to enter the modeling world, becoming one of the most sought by various brands in the country, like your friend Yuliett.

Internet users have had the possibility of admiring the tapatia posing together in panels of children, although in recent months they have not shared camera.

With information from Instagram, Union Jalisco and LNN

Cover and interiors: Instagram @yuliett.torres and @marybaltazarh