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The film Superman: Man of Steelwas well received by fans DC Comics, for making a history of sound origin for the man of steel, although at that time they did not know that would serve as the launch platform for the rapid expansion of the DCEU; despite the fact that the movie contains multiple references to a larger universe.

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One of the aspects more discussed and controversial of the production of Zack Snyder is the decision of Superman to kill the General Zod, which caused an uproar among the fan base.

This is because Snyder broke one of the main rules of the character to break the neck of fellow kryptonian.

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Snyder did the same with Batman, though the filmmaker recently revealed that he was quite sure that none of the minions seen in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice he was seriously injured.

But during the live broadcast to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the premiere of Man of Steelthe director explained the reasons why Superman was going against his nature to end the life of another living being, and connected him with his previous film, comics, Watchmen.

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“If we understand that Superman is saving the world being essentially terraformado on another planet, the greater good prevails. It is like the situation that happened with Ozymandiaswhen there is a great sacrifice to save the world. In this case, Zod is a powerful guy, to suggest that you could defeat him without him nearly win, is not realistic at all, or the type of result that I wanted in my films of superheroes,” he explained.

It is as well that Snyder decided to deviate from the traits established Superman and do to kill Zod to add seriousness and realism to the first film DCEU.

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