a high dose of action with Chris Hemsworth on Netflix


In 2014 the brothers Joe and Anthony Russo -today famous for directing ribbons of Marvel as Avengers: Endgame– joined Ande Parks to write the graphic novel City. Six years later, the volume comes to Netflix transformed in the movie Rescue mission.

A jump from the pages to the streaming platform with the same Russo as their producers, which leaves behind the uruguayan City streets in This, of the original volume, to move the adventures of Tyler Rake to the corners of Mumbai and Dhaka.

It is in between these cities of India and Bangladesh that develops the revamped adventure of the mercenary, here embodied by Chris Hemsworth (Thor: Ragnarok), from which it is contacted in his native australia for the team in the shadows for that to work.

Your job, if you accept it, is rescue the son of Ovi Mahajan (Pankaj Tripathi), a drug trafficker indian that they are in jail. Behind the kidnapping of the teenager is the archenemy of the criminal: the bangladeshi Amir Asif (Priyanshu Painyuli).

But the mission will be more complicated than the the hard and disillusioned Rake has confronted, because Asif has a merciless armed group, formed by young people from the streets of Dhaka, and with the help of the corrupt local police.

Despite the danger, the mercenary manages to rescue the boy (Rudhraksh Jaiswal), which is called Ovi like his father, and begins a adrenalínica race to get away from Asif and his menand to return the boy to his home in Mumbai.

A lot of action and quotas drama

So, in the midst of shots, persecutions, and deaths, you will be developing this story with a script by Joe Russo and the direction of Sam Hargrave, who made his debut here in the making of a feature film after a long career as a stunt coordinator and action scenes.

That is why it is not surprising that the intensity and violence are the essential ingredients of the new bet original Netflix, where Hemsworth also puts into practice the tricks defensive that he learned as a superhero in the cinematic world of Marvel.

However, and despite the spectacular achievements in the sequences where Rake exercised its almost unreal skills of defense and resistance, is in the dramatic scenes where Rescue mission achieved some of their highest points.

And despite the fact that such sequences are rare, it is in the interaction of the Rake, and the frightened and lonely Ovi where the belt finds its best moments. Moments where you see something of humanity under the tanned skin of this action hero.

Finally, and without achieving the level of worship of other tapes in the genre -such as the saga of John Wick-you can say that Rescue mission will be without a doubt the taste of the lovers of the action simple and pure on the screen. The other, better to abstain.

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