Ace of amazing luce Mia Khalifa after weight loss and months of exercise


Los Angeles, USA.- The beautiful Mia Khalifa he published some stories in your account Instagram where you see him working out in the gym and presuming the results of the hard routines to which it has been subjected in the last few months.

In the videosthe exestrella of the adult film celebrates the rise of your butt and your belly looks ever more marked. The famous 27 years started with 37 inches of rear guard and has already reached 40.

It should be recalled that in 2018, the young lebanese revealed that the measures of his body had risen by 4 percent after binges and meals, this also meant that win 15 pounds of weight.

However, today, Mia Khalifa wears an athletic body which does not hesitate to boast with its more than 19 million followers on Instagram with cheeky photographs and videos that do not go unnoticed.