Actress Kate Beckinsale, I suffered a sexual attack on the part of your pet [Video]


The actress britnica Kate Beckinsale it was resting on the sof next to a small pet on his chest, when your dog in heat is mont it on his leg. The time was recorded and it is not dud to share it with a lot of humor through their social networks.

Next to a emoticn of person doubting, the actress I shared the video where you can see her playing with your pet while you are lying on the sof, and with a leg propped up on the floor. However, the peaceful moment was interrupted by her dog bulldog French.

The small black dog was in heat, and for this reason, downl your energy on the leg of the actress in the reaction sacndolo of the place and lifting their legs to not repeat the action. to display the video, logr ms 300 thousand views and many comments fun that were accompanied by emoticons of laughter raucous.