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A few days ago, international media ensured that the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong un, had undergone a heart surgery, but due to the secrecy of that country, the information is scarce, however, some reports say that the president north korea has died.

According to reports from TMZ, the same website that revealed the death of Michael Jackson and Kobe Bryant, the president of North Korea died as a result of the heart surgery to which he was subjected, or at least would be on his death bed.

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kim jong unThe same website argues that this information was given by the niece of a minister of Foreign Affairs of China, who serves as the deputy director of a news channel backed by Hong Kong, the woman gave the report through an application of social network called Weibo to its almost 15 million followers, citing a “very solid” on the death of Kim Jong un.

It is also known that the president had undergone a heart surgery, after doctors advised her to undergo a procedure, which apparently would have gone wrong.

kim jong unA week ago, CNN also reported that the president was in serious danger, so that the eyes focused on her younger sister Kim Yo-jong, who is considered the power in the shadow of the mandate of Kim Jong un, and now, it is speculated that she might be the one who replace his brother in front of North Korea, though, the same traditions and laws in Korean that are preventing women to assume such positions in the government.

The portal “Business Insider” also says that since two weeks ago, on the 11th of April, the leader of North Korea has not been seen, the suspicion that there might be serious health or dead began after that does not appear on the 15 of April in the ceremony that commemorates the birth of Kim Il-Sung, his grandfather and founder of North Korea. The birthday is the most important festival of the country.

kim jong un