Alex Morgan renews with Nike and includes a clause after 18 months


Alex Morgan is living the most important days of your life. Just a few weeks of becoming a motherthe player better paid of the planet is at the center of all eyes.

And is that the champion of the world has renewed its contract with the sports brand Nike, although it has been including a clause vital for any player.

The u.s. has been able to talk in an interview with the ‘Glamour’ of his new contract with the brand that is the image from over a decade ago.

“My contract with Nike ended and we just re-sign for a long period, and support me a lot”, a new document that includes a clause of maternity leave of 18 months of guaranteed payment even if it can’t compete.

Alex Morgan planned strategically your pregnancy after the World cup in France in order to reach the Olympic games of Tokyo, competition that would dispute just three months after giving birth, until the coronavirus ended suspendiéndola.