Alex Morgan shares her “journey and fears” of the pregnancy


Alex Morgan is about to become a mother for the first time. The front of the united States has shared through their social networks how it has been these nine months of pregnancy now that you are about to give birth. A few days ago you said how hard it will be if you have to give birth alone, by the exceptional measures imposed because of the COVID-19. Now explain how special it has been this phase of gestation, without thinking of the next step…

“I know that it is something strange to admit it, but I’ve always wanted to be pregnant. I wasn’t sure of everything related to being a mother, but pregnancy always seemed to me so beautiful. It was a dream of mine, to feel that my body changes by a small human being who depends on me for life at 100%. Some of those dreams probably arose out of the fear of not being able to have a healthy pregnancy, or never having “my body” back. I think that these fears inside of me burned even more my passion for the pregnancy. The last nine months have exceeded all hopes and expectations that I had and something more. Dedicated to all the moms who are pregnant (and postpartum), it is so beautiful. Every body, story and journey is different and equally beautiful,” he wrote on Facebook.

Morgan will have more time to spend with your baby after the stoppage of the football all over the planet. And especially after the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics next summer, that finally will be held in 2021. The player of the Orlando Pride wanted to dispute that olympic event just three months after giving birth, so during pregnancy has not stopped her from making sport. Even with seven months still to train with their companions of choice. The famous footballer will not give up in the top of professional football.