Alexa Dellanos surprised with thong neon, their fans are happy

The model and businesswoman Alexa Dellanos once again surprised all Instagram when you use a bikini is extremely small and in a neon color.

As you will recall each time Dellanos used to eliminate some of their publications, does not hold more than 150 publications.

For this reason it is likely that the photo in question has been removed from your account official because it appears it is on another account.

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Recharged in a lounge chair appears, the beautiful entrepreneur, delighting us with their spectacular figurethe neon color makes that highlight their attributes even more.

The comments of the post did not fail to mention that its beauty is stunning, it seems that that account of Instagram is dedicated to sharing pictures of girls fit and the model is one of them, Alexa also has an official channel where account your day-to-day, as well as to show some photo sessions in which it participates

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Known for being the daughter of one of the conductive prettiest of television, Alexa has not wasted the last name of his mother, on the contrary, he has been high and has represented bastente good.

Myrka Dellanos it is his mother, who is a presenter for Telemundo, even though you have not needed your help to get as popular, because pages like that of models fitness are responsible to promote your beauty, for the simple fact of being herself.

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Despite the fact that account with iuna figure of dream many people would think that is a person quite cold and shallow, but the young Dellanos in several interviews to proven to be quite the opposite just that as she is happy with her body likes to feel well, and as any woman’s vanity likes to show off their curves.

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There is No doubt that we can always surprise us of who we least expect and Alexa is one of these people that captivates by its beauty, both interior and exterior.

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