All is not lost for Drake Maverick


Drake Maverick was released from WWEbut I was already scheduled in the Tournament of weight cruise of NXT. The round robin tournament now means a lot, especially for Maverick.

The former manager of 205 Live!, already started to sell new products as well as Rockstar Spud. Their patterns of social networks have not changed as of this writing. WWE still uses to Drake Maverick during his non-compete clause of 90 days. You still pay for all of that time also.

Drake Maverick still could be re-hired

Maverick won against Jake Atlas this week on WWE NXT. The fact that Maverick is fighting for his career, he did more than clear.

There’s still hope for him in the tournament. If it starts to move back, the story could change. Need to win their next fights in order to advance in the tournament. At the time of writing this article, Drake Maverick is still released by the WWE.

WWE has been terminated by the releases in the past. The Blue Meanie, Matt Hardy, Emma and others were released from the WWE only to be rehired almost immediately. There is still a chance for Drake Maverick in WWE, but as of now it is still a possibility and nothing definite.

If the company receives enough response from the fans, that could change things for Maverick. A lot depends on the Maverick, but it seems to be very motivated to comply. As there are no fans live in the arena, this eliminates the possibility that the government in saw go to save the work of Drake Maverick. A hashtag could be a reasonable alternative.

Do you want WWE to hire back the former manager of 205 Live!?. Leave your opinion in the comments section.

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