All the premieres on HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Movistar+ and Netflix from April 27 to may 3 – News series


‘Downton Abbey’, ‘The undeniable truth’ or ‘Abominable’ are some of the titles that are included in the platforms of ‘streaming’.

The week of 27 to may 3 comes a avanlancha of premieres of films and series to HBO, Movistar+, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. Some of these titles are original the own platform of ‘streaming’ as is the case of The undeniable truthseries , starring Mark Ruffalo, or Betty, the possible to substitute something more ‘indie’ of Euphoria.

But it’s not just television fictions are going to be the protagonists of this seventh week of quarantine. The integration of major feature films it will be the perfect ingredient. Tapes as Abominableto share in family with the smaller, Downtn Abbey for the more traditional, and live the extreme risk with To 47 m 2: The terror emerges.

Below we will show you all the premieres:



The undeniable truth

The undeniable truth is an adaptation of the novel I Know This Much is True, written by Wally Lamb. Mark Ruffalo is responsible for starring in this tv drama that focuses two twin brothers with lives similar where betrayal, sacrifice and forgiveness are the order of the day. Dominick describes his problematic relationship with his twin brother Thomas, a man paranoid and schizophrenic, and her effort to get him out of an asylum.

Premiere: April 28.


If you liked Euphoria, Betty you can become a good substitute. The series follows the lives of a group of adolescents of the city of New York. All of them share a passion, skateboarding. As they become more constant, and participate in more groups you will note, that like many other areas, it is a world led by men. But that will not be inconvenient for this group of girls that come stomping.

Premiere: 2.may.

Vote Juan (Season 1) – Premiere may 1.


You the wear!

For the protagonists of this film adolescence seems to be more present than ever. After 23 years, will join together to play on back to the famous game ‘runs that you pillo’. But, like them, this entertainment has acquired a new connotation and now must travel across the country to reach the first row. What could go wrong?

Premiere: April 28.

xXx 2: State of emergency

Ice Cube takes over Vin Diesel in the famous action saga . In this second installment of the White House is in danger. It is up to the greater plot of the story. To avoid the huge disaster that is looming, Darius Stone will be in charge, to prove that it is the perfect candidate to end the threat.

Premiere: April 29.

Premieres may 1:

Skate Kitchen – Premiere May 2.




Original series for Amazon Prime Video, set in a dystopian future in the year 2033. In this reality the people who are about to die can be redirected to a virtually virtual space where they live the lives that they, or their relatives or partners to decide. This will be the case for Nathan, and after a terrible traffic accident, you may be required to live in this new virtual reality and fit into that nothing is real. All this is thanks to the help of Nora, an employee of this operating system that is handling your case.

Premiere: 1 of may.


To 47 M 2: The terror emerges

Sequel To 47 meters. This new installment returns to plunge the viewer to the profundidaes marine, but this time the threat will be more dangerous. The plot follows four young people ready to live the best summer of their lives off the coast of Brazil. When you hear a famous legend about mayan treasures hidden in its waterswill not hesitate to try your luck. But, what is unknown is that that territory is owned by the White Shark. How will you cope?

Premiere: April 30.


Downton Abbey (The movie)

Tape based on the acclaimed series of the same name. The events that take place in this installment and continuation of the television fiction focus back on the family aristocráta Crawley’s and their servants. On this occasion, there will be several events that will put the economic stability of the members that inhabit the luxurious home field of the English county of Yorkshire.

Premiere: April 30.


Animated film that follows the protagonist Yi, a girl with an endearing young Yeti in the snow snowy landscapes of the Himalayas. Together will embark on an extraordinary journey to find the family of a new friend of the young man.

Premiere: 1 of may.

Wedding night

‘Thriller’ starring Samara Weaving (The Babysitter). The story follows a newly-married young couple. Grace is going to enter into a wealthy family, whose fortune comes from the table games. On the day of your wedding night will have to participate in one of the family traditions more bloody history to prove that she can be the perfect wife for the perfect son.

Premiere: 2.may.

Incitement – Premiere April 28.


Under Suspicion

An FBI agent (Jack Huston) has just married and is sent to a mountain town in the Appalachian mountains in Kentucky for a new mission. There you will meet a local woman, who becomes his main communicator, and with whom to undertake a relationship impossible. For her part, she gets from him, the only way to escape from your tired routine. Emilia Clarke full cast protagonist.

Premiere: 1 of may.


Documentary nominated for two academy awards and continues to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, one of the icons of the femenismo in the united States and in the rest of the world. The long follows the path of the lawyer and his fight for the rights of womens rights in the workplace and the legislature.

Premiere: 1 of may.

The Bay – Premiere April 28.

Monkeys – Premieres April 28.

Siberian education – Premiere April 29.

Everything has a price – Premiere April 29.

Iceland: The Island Newly Born – Premiere April 29.

Dehesa – Premiere April 29.

Jerte, wild life in the valley of the cherry – Premiere April 29.

9Trans – Premiere April 29.

A boyfriend for Yasmina – Premiere 30 April.

Before the arrival of the ferry – Premiere 30 April.

Room 212 – Premiere 30 April.

Premieres may 1

Children of the ultra-right


Revealing the truth


Golden Legend

The mystery of the dragon

Don’t kill the truth

The Queen of the Lizards

Violet does not take the elevator

Video Blues

As Mortes

Acts of spring

Girant per Sant Antoni

Jesus shows you the way to the highway

The Sleepwalkers


Once more

When summer is over


La nuit d’avant

The journey

Good intentions (2019)

Abu Leila

Roubaix, une lumière

Saturday Fiction

The wolves

To Ends of the Earth

The Twentieth Century


Ivana the Terrible


All for My Mother

Lost in L. A.



The sentimental education

The red heart


Remains of things


A white, white day



Some Beasts

The Mommy




The innocence – world Premiere may 2.

The return – World premiere 3 of may.

Little Joe – Premiere 3 of may.