Amber Heard admits that he struck Johnny Depp with a door


As time passes, the case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard becomes increasingly dark. On this occasion, the famous british newspaper Daily Mail has released a recording in which the ‘actress’Aquaman’ he admits to have assaulted his ex-husband with a door to then proceed to hit him in the jaw.

According to the information obtained by the newspaper, the audio belongs to a hearing that took place in 2016in this you can clearly hear the following conversation:

Johnny Depp: – “After I woke up and I don’t remember what I said. Surely it was some how ‘What the fuck?’, you know, because I had just hit the damn corner of the door! I got up and after I hit fucking”.

Amber Heard: “I just reacted. I’m so sorry. I surpassed”.

Though the audio it is evident to Amber Heard, the actress defended by telling their attorneys that that conversation does not represent what really happened; in fact, he took the time to point out that Johnny Depp always sobreactuaba, because it was “very dramatic over all.”

Case Johnny Depp – Amber Heard

It seems that the legal dispute that began at the end of 2018 seems to have no end since both have been in charge of showing a series of evidence that leave very badly, standing at the other. It is worth mentioning that this is not the first occasion on which a audio is Heard admitting to physical violence against the actor, because previously came to light audios of the actress of 33 years in which he accepted to have beaten the actor and could not promise that he would not again lose control.

Once exposed to the actress, it stated that, in effect, had hit Depp however, he had done so in defense of his sister. Until the moment the case is still very confusing, but actresses such as Winona Ryder and Penelope Cruz have united to declare in favor of the actor.