Amber Heard yes hit to Johnny Depp due to his sister

The legal dispute between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are far from overhave now come to light a few declarations of the ‘actress’Aquaman’ who admits to have beaten the famous ‘Jack Sparrowhowever, it had a good cause to do so, for according to what was published by We Got This Covered, the actress did to defend his sister since her ex-husband sought to throw her down the stairs.

After raging, he began to destroy my personal property in the whole houseincluding my belongings in the closet. My sister Whitney was there, so when Johnny was released to lunge at me, Whitney was placed between us. Johnny turned his attention to Whitney, who was standing at the top of a flight of stairs, and moved toward her.” recalled Heard, “ I acted in defense of my sister, because I was afraid of your physical safety, I hit Johnny in the face to divert his attention. That was the only time that I hit Johnny. At that time, the security of the house intervened and split us apart,” said Amber Heard before the court of Fairfax County, Virginia.

Case ‘Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’: Summary of the evidence

Until the moment everything is still very confusing in the case of the actors, as each who has shown evidence on the other that only let to see that they have formed one of the most toxic within the entertainment industry.

Since it was announced that Amber Heard had put a lawsuit against Johnny Depp for domestic violence all in the race of the actor came down the slopehowever, the cards turned in his favor when it came to light audios of the actress of 33 years in which accepted to have beaten the actor and could not promise that he would not again lose control.

However, everything changed once more when Heard took to the court evidence where messages are read of the actor ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ with Paul Bettany, in which Depp writes things like “ahoguémosla before you burn it down” and “after having been burned, I’ll take to be able to make sure that he’s dead.” Although the future of the case is still very uncertain, and this has already affected the artistic careers of the two, as Johnny was removed from his role in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ while the followers of DC Comics, have started a petition to do the same with Amber Heard and his role as ‘Mere’ in ‘Aquaman’.

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