An illustrator turned to Henry Cavill in Wolverine, and would be perfect for the MCU


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Eamonn M. McCormack via Getty Images

After the huge success of The Witcher in Netflix, you began to hear strong rumors that Henry Cavill would be contacted by Marvel Studios to give life to Logan in the MCU.

This news was not confirmed by anyone within Disney, so it just stayed as a news story without basics real.


However, that did not stop some fans began to imagine how would look like the mutant from the claws of Adamantium in the body of Cavill, as it is one of the X-Men more popular.


One of the illustrators who put hands to the work was Bosslogic, and on occasion he dedicated a picture to Henry Cavill as Wolverine.

“Henry Cavill as Wolverine to amuse myself on the weekend.”

Only that someone else has already made competition with the visual of Logan. One of them is the artist hindu Rimo Dey, who made a design interesting enough of Cavill with the claws and without a t-shirt, even though it will lack the definition in the abdominals.

“Rumors are viralizaron that Henry Cavill will be Wolverine in Captain Marvel 2. So I made this design. After seeing The Witcher, I think I could interpret the character.”

Also the artist is australian known as Anto Desings made a design that is viralizó for its great visual quality.

Cavill is sporting a beard and sideburns, huge, coupled with a jacket very similar to that of Logan, and is perfect to illustrate what it would look like without his battle suit.

“Henry Cavill as Wolverine ? If Henry has no more chance to play Superman, then he should resign and take the role of Wolverine.”

What is the rumor of Henry Cavill as Wolverine?

According to a report by the site Just Jaredthe american actor of 36 years was in talks with Marvel Studios to play Wolverine in the second film Captain Marvel.

This then Disney goes through the purchase of the production company 20th Century Fox in 2019, which allowed them to integrate to the X-Men, Fantastic 4 and Deadpool to the universe of Marvel movies.

For the moment, the introduction of Cavill in the MCU seems to be far away, and the reason is that his role as Superman in the DCEU is still waiting.

In case of return, it would rule out all the rumors, because they can’t interpret a hero of the competition according to the stipulations of your contract.


How would you like to see Henry Cavill as Wolverine? Do you think that would make a good paper?

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