Angelina Jolie ensures that her son, Maddox will return to South Korea as soon as the emergency


Although Maddox, the eldest son of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, just arrived to Los Angeles from South Korea, where he studied in the university, the actress has confirmed that as soon as the contingency world for the coronavirus, her son will return to Asia to continue with their studies, so that ruled out that the young person is seeking to transfer to a university in the united States.

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Despite the fact that it has had to be separated from his son and has left to pursue his dreams in another continent, the protagonist of films such as Maleficent: Mistress of Evil you said happy for the decisions that you have taken your little to your future. “I could not be more happy with the university that Mad chose. Of course, (the university) is closed at this time due to the pandemic… But he is not transferring to another school, will return as soon as things are fixed. Is taking advantage of this time to concentrate in their studies of Korean and Russian”, he told Angelina to the daily south Korean DongA Daily.

The Oscar winner said to be a great admirer of South Korea and was happy that through his son Maddox, she and other children are able to learn more about the asian country. “It is a modern economy so successful, that at the same time have managed to preserve their culture and the values that have made it unique for centuries“said the actress. “We are all so happy as a family because we will have the opportunity to get to know South Korea better through Maddox, during their studies”, he added.

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In that same sense, Angelina said it was concerned about the current situation, for he said more than half of the students in the world have had to abandon their schools due to the contingency, but what is more worrying, is that much will not be able to return to school after the crisis. “There is an urgent need to help young people to continue their education, through distance learning, for example, to ensure that they can get their ratings”, urged the actress, while highlighting that many of these students depend on their school for lunch or to have a place where you can spend the night.

On the other hand, he also referred to people living in concentrations of refugees or have been displaced by the violent situation of their places of origin, because the conditions in which they live, the becomes more fragile as compared to a pandemic like the one that exists today in day. “The immediate focus is, of course, the coronavirus and the impact that could have on the displaced people in the world who are so vulnerable” noted the actress, who is also special envoy of the High Commissioner United Nations for Refugees. “Many of these people, for example, live in refugee camps where they do not have the option of autoaislarse. Or where they might not even have access to water to wash their hands regularly”, he added.

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