Angelina Jolie is sincere about the difficulties of confinement by coronavirus


Angelina Jolie has given an interview to Time magazine where she has talked openly about the difficulties of being a mother during the important health crisis that we are crossing through the fault of the pandemic by coronavirus. In the above-mentioned a-half, the ex-wife of Brad Pitt has admitted that the experience is proving to be quite complicated for her and for their children because of the new dynamics that are presiding over its day-to-day, marked by constant video constant and the new methods of school assessment.

We are all confined, and carry it pretty well… Well, the two things that most affect the children in these days that are outside of the school is, of course, the education and the challenges posed by the new educational situation. I know that many parents across the country are grappling with this work, and may make it more difficult for them than for the children themselves,” explained the actress during the interview.

Angelina for her part, also wanted to show their support for the citizenship and that “we can’t afford to lose hope” despite the human and economic tragedy that we are suffering because of the pandemic. Also, wanted to emphasize the additional risk to which they subjected the victims of gender-based violence as a consequence of the measures of social isolation.

Open letter to parents

After the interview granted to Time magazine, the actress has decided to write an open letter to all parents to shift their forces to all of them: “I’m thinking of all of you. I’m imagining the hard effort that each of you makes to be able to drive their days. How much they want to take forward to their loved ones. How much they care. How they plan. How to smile for them, when inside you feel at times that you are breaking” they have started writing.

After this, Angelina has continued with his message: I was never a very stable young man. In fact, I never thought I could be the mother of anyone. I remember the decision to become a mother. It was not difficult to love. It was not difficult to devote myself to someone and to something bigger than my life. The difficult thing was knowing that from then on would be me who would make sure that everything was okay. Be able to handle it and make it work. From the food to the school and medical care. What was to come. And be patient.

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The actress has also stated that he has learned to let go of their dreams to attend in the first place to their children: “I realized that I had stopped my constant daydreams and in its place was always prepared for any interruption in what he was doing or thinking, and, thus, respond to a need. Was to acquire a new skill,” he wanted to emphasize.

To finish has been a reflection, and he has explained the following: “Your children don’t want perfect. You just want to honest. And doing it as best you can. In fact, the more space you have to be fantastic where you are weak, the stronger you will become. They love you. You want to help. So, in the end, this is the team that you build. And, in a certain way, they also are raising. You grow together.”