Ariana Grande feels scorned by the girls that mimic in TikTok

Ariana Grande does not support that the imitators in TikTok, I feel that denigrate his work as an artist!

Ariana Grande is making it clear you do not like it when their fans follow suit in TikTok, especially when you are passing by Cat Valentine in TikTok, you feel like you are degrading all of your work as an artist.

The last reaction of Ariana against those who mimic in TikTok, was after seeing a publication on the filmmaker, Jordan Firstman, a video in which ensures that memes only undermine the incredible performance of the actors in a movie.

What would happen if, for example, we should take a moment like a small clip of a movie or a tv program?, an artist really poured his heart and soul, and it took them years to do so. What would happen if we took a moment of that, and we like to recontextualizarlo, as if that has another sense? Gives it a meaning completely arbitrary to the thing that the artist loves so much, something as well as degrade their value”: Says the filmmaker in the video called: “This is my impression of a meme“.

Ariana Grande feels scorned by the girls that mimic in TikTok

Arian felt identified with the message of Jordan Firstman, since it is the same thing he feels when his followers follow suit in TikTok:

Omg! This can also duplicate your impression of the tail of a horse the girls in TikTok that they think that that voice of Cat Valentine and use eyeliner winged and a sweatshirt is a good impersonation of me… because this really feels… ‘Degrading their value’“.

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Some time ago it became super popular Paige Nieman, a tiktoker that looks identical to Ariana and that the imitates with success in TikTok, a fact that did not like anything to the star, because even revealed to discover it:

I wonder why the voice / dialogue of Cat. I’m sure that is the girl sweetest in the world! but it is definitely rare to see people mix the two worlds“.

Do you believe that his comment was directed to Paige?

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