Bad news! Adele confirmed what their fans had feared, and revealed the reason for his decision


From several weeks ago that the followers of Adele have been driving several rumors about her and his next record, however recently she went out to the passage of the gossip and confirmed what they all feared.

The new album of the singer british will not be released this year, and decided to launch it for 2021 in a controversial decision that has disappointed his admirers around the world.

“Come on, it is 2020 and we are not meant to get what we want,” said the celebrity from a live that was from his Instagram along with producers of his album.

The reason why the fans of the artist you were saddened by this announcement, is that this would be the first musical production from 2015, by which no doubt was one of the most anticipated for this 2020.

This news was confirmed by the own Adele it adds to the decision of other celebrities in the name of Lady Gaga, Sam Smith, or Alanis Morissette, who had planned to do the same for this year and postponed.

The winning Grammy Award nominee, who recently is going through the separation from his former spouse, has moved away from the stage to spend more time with his son Angelo, who already has 7 years old.

Despite being 5 years without a brand new disc, the personality it became one of singers that most copies sold around the world with a total of 100 million, which makes it one of the few to do so today.