Baptize animal as “Friesea gretae” in honor of Greta Thunberg


By means of a press release, the University Federation of Australia announced that the biologist Penelope robin guarnieri discovered a tiny animal which he baptized as “Friesea gretae” in honor of the activist Swedish Greta Thunberg.

Robin guarnieri wanted to pay tribute to the young activist for his global campaign against the climate crisis.

“Climate change is particularly evident in Antarctica because you can measure the glaciers melting,” said robin guarnieri who described that she discovered the species in collaboration with a team from the Italian university of Siena.

“And it seems appropriate to call this species the antarctic in honor of Greta Thunberg because he has been doing a very good job to draw attention around the world, especially among young people, about the problem of climate change,” he added.

The springtails, are an arthropod close to the insects and are one of the animals older than contribute to the life cycle after decomposing organic material for the plants.

Friesea gretae measures two millimeters, lives in the mold and algae of the cape Hallet, one of the few areas not frozen Antarctica.