Bella Thorne surprised everyone when it was discovered that it was one of the participants of ‘The Masked Singer’

None of the judges was able to guess who was hiding under the mask of the Swan, which was no other than the actress and singer Bella Thorne.

Even Ken Jeong, who worked with Bella the 2015 in the movie ‘The Duff’, it was each to guess who he was. He bet because it was the also actress Olivia Munn.

Nicole Scherzinger, leader of the Pussycat Doll said that this participant of ‘The Masked Singer’ was Megan Fox, while the singer Robin Thicke bet that behind the mask of the Swan is hiding the actress Nina Dobrev.

Once you revealed your true identity, the driver of the program, Nick Cannonasked why he had decided to participate in the program, Bella, 22 years, explained that Ken Jeong (‘The hangover’), had said that she was one of the participants of the last season. “What retuiteé because I thought it was great. And I began to see the program. And I thought that was incredible, so I encouraged them to do so.”

Here you can see your performance, and remember that the format ‘The Masked Singer’ will be adapted to Antenna 3 as a ‘Mask Singer: Guess who sings’ and we can see him very soon.

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