Billie Eilish to Lizzo: this is the new aesthetics of the queens of pop

Think about the style with which Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and even Madonnathe chameleon style of the music industry, have triumphed over the scenarios. Designs XXS sheathed on silhouettes slender have become the official uniform of the pop, which for years has advocated a pattern aesthetic that is similar and a silhouette rules in that course, had not place the curves that go out of the canons of voluptuousness dictated by the male gaze. However, the music industry is changing and with it, the canons of beauty.

Billie Eilish has shown that the lycra is not a condition sine qua non for success in the pop. The singer has made the designs oversize their best mates, and after going crazy with the social networks to see a video in which sported a tank top clingy which made thousands of people talk about their breasts, made it clear the reason why he had decided to make fashion his breastplate: he did not want his body were the focus of discussion. If Leandra Medine, the creator of the blog The Man Repeller, made her own a style in which the least was to be sexy to men (is more: the maximum was putting them off), Billie has demonstrated that it is not necessary to carry designs XXS or necklines dizzying to succeed in the music.

That is indeed also the speech of Brisa Fenoythat complaint the hipersexualización of the singers. Breeze bet on many occasions by looks relaxed with that, although does not hide its silhouette, makes it very clear that the goal of your wardrobe is not to seduce, but to open up a debate about whether it is really necessary to be sexy to sing.

Billie Eilish poses dressed in Valentino

Billie Eilish poses dressed in Valentino

However, in this framework we have to clarify that Billie Eilish wanted to make clear that she has nothing against women who choose to bet on designs sexy. “I get what I want, but everyone discusses my looks and ensures that I’m sending a message about how I don’t want to be the typical singer hipersexualizada. Even when my parents praise the way in which I have seen, there is a backdrop to a message that is critical of those who dress differently. I can not point out enough how much I dislike it; bothers me the way in which the people for me to have to criticize those that do not dress as I” admitted last year to the magazine ‘V Magazine’. In his tour, the singer projected a video in which he removes his shirt revealing a black bra. “If I am wearing comfortable clothes, I’m not a woman. If I remove layers of clothing, I am a whore. If you see my body, you judge and you judge me to me. Why? We made things of the lives of others, taking into account your size. We decide who they are, what they are worth. If I block, if I do I unclog you, who decides what that makes me? What is the basis of my value in your perception? Or is it that your opinion about me is not my responsibility?”, question Billie in the video.

The singer Lizzo in full actuaci’n

The singer Lizzo in full action

Meanwhile, the singer Lizzo, advocate of the body positivehas shown that can lead looks sexy and tiny beyond size 36. The singer shared several videos in which she dances with sets of tiny, generating a huge controversy between those who do not appreciate that show off your body. Lizzo has even pointed to the platform TikTok to ensure that you have been a victim of body shaming, eliminating the social network, many videos that dance in swimwear. “TikTok not to delete videos that I have clothes in bathroombut it allows other women to go out in a bikini. I wonder why… TikTok: we need to talk”, writes the singer.

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