Britney Spears celebrated the 20 years of “Oops… I Did It Again”: “How they passed so fast?!”


Time passes for everyone, also for celebrities. And although it look as good as in the beginning, the truth is that Britney Spers since it has been nearly three decades above scenarios. And one of their most emblematic, “Oops…I Did It Again”, met this Friday for their first twenty years.

Oops. How did you pass so quickly, 20 years? I can’t believe it. I agree that this red dress was so hot… But the dance was fun. That did the recording go flying! And now that we are past the quarantine, hoping that we were on Mars… Of course I’m kidding! But, seriously, you have shown so much affection for this song and I appreciate it… oh, I send love to you all!”, wrote the Princess of Pop next to a photo that sees her wearing the sexy catsuit latex that you used in the clip.

A year before the launch of this hit show, Britney had already sold millions of copies of her debut album,, …Baby One More Time. Well, trying to repeat the same impact, the record company that had among its featured artists, Jive Records set to work on the second album, which the video of the court that gave title to the work was neither more nor less than the Red Planet.

For fifteen years, “Oops…” was the simple selling of a female artist in the united States, until that position was occupied by Adele. However, the issue remained one of the most well-known of Britney, in large part, thanks to the video directed by Nigel Dick. In it, the young singer plays to an inhabitant of Mars, surprised that an astronaut goes up there in the middle of a mission and found a radiant, sheathed in his red suit.

What is certain is that, in these twenty years, the world changed. And days ago, in the midst of his isolation to prevent the spread of the pandemic coronavirus, Britney made a call to the world to which he resorted to a text of the writer in hong kong Mimi Zhu.

“During this time of confinement, we need to be more connected than ever. Call your loved ones, write letters of love virtual. Technologies such as virtual communication, streaming and broadcasting they are part of our collaboration as a community. We will learn to kiss and embrace each other through the waves of the Internet”, is part of the message that he shared the former girl Disney.

And the posting continued by saying: “We will feed each other, redistribuiremos the wealth, we will strike. We will understand our own importance from the place where we should stay. The communion goes beyond the walls. We can still be together.” But what is certain is that the message the singer was criticized, and she became the target of social networks, which is filled with memes that mocked the posture socialist Princess of Pop.

The previous week, however, Brintney had already shared an encouraging message for his followers in which he said: – “Today we should reflect on the positive things in life! Many of us become crazy with what is happening and though I don’t have all the answers… oh I Know try and stay strong and positive and show courage! Keep your head up high, friends!”.