Britney Spears revealed her love for actor Robert Downey Jr


The pop star of the ’90s Britney Spears is taking advantage of the quarantine to publish daily content on their social networks. Stories, photos, and videos to captivate your followers of Instagram and, now, you recommendations of movies! Britney revealed her love for actor Robert Downey Jr after seeing “The adventures of Dr. Dolittle”. “You have to see this movie. Robert is so genuine that you fall in love with him… The characters and animals are hilarious”, he explained the artist.

“The whole film gives off a special tone that I find it difficult to find these days. If you see this film and, like me, you fall in love with their jackets and clothes… don’t miss out, as happened to me. Just remember that this is a man who can talk with animals and is bright,” continued the singer, reviewing the film starring the actor of Iron Man.

The news came to the very Robert Downey Jr, who was flattered by the praise, and he published on Instagram a picture of the movie with a description directed to Britney: “Activities of quarantine: 1. Listen to Britney 2. Listen to Britney. Look #Dolittle in the platforms of streaming this weekend with your little ones…”.

Who would have thought that the quarantine was to meet Britney Spears and Robert Downey Jr on social networks? Despite the criticism in favour of the pop star, “The adventures of Dr. Dolittle” received poor ratings from critics and movie was a failure in box office.