BTS: Suga, does not know Ariana Grande for this reason


Suga of BTS remained in the trends of social networks thanks to the publications of their fandom called ARMYas is recalled the viral moment that shared their co K-Pop with the american singer Ariana Grande for the Grammys 2020 and how to Min Yoon-gi not had the opportunity to get out in the famous photograph.

It turns out that the same singer BTS revealed what really happened during the encounter with Ariana Grande in his recent V-Live “DJ Suga’s Honey FM 06.13”, along with their responses to other questions it was ARMY during the live chat and this version did that his fans would like to remedy his absence.

Suga commented that it was not in the same place as their peers from BTS because I had to resolve a pending matter, although I was aware that the singer of “7 Rings” I was rehearsing, I did not know you would encounter with the boyband, because when you see the group photo in social networks, admitted to be surprised.

BTS and Ariana Grande

  • “I heard that she was practicing but I didn’t know that I would go to see, if only I had been there 5 minutes before”

To this comment, the ARMY viralizó to Suga in social networks, because they wanted to show their support for the singer, as it is also honest to talk about the current contingency of health for Coronavirus (COVID-19) and like almost all of their plans are linked to the production of new songs.

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Min Yoon-gi commented that he has been studying hard the English language, although this is difficult, because in contrast with RM have improved to see the number of “Friends”, he decided for a content that speak more slowly and also confessed to devote his time to philosophy and psychology.

So there is no doubt that Suga has planned many activities in the quarantine zone, hoping to soon return to the calendar’s usual work in the scenarios together with their colleagues from BTS and the long-awaited musical production with Jin.