C. Tangana, Maluma, Antonio Orozco, Becky G and more new themes for this weekend – The Guide GO!


This Friday have been posted numerous topics for artists who lead the national and international musical panorama. Are now available issues C. Tangana, Siloam with Miss Caffeine, Becky G with Gente de Zona, Maluma, Soraya with Mumbai, Antonio Orozco and Omar Montes with Nyno Vargas. The new songs from these artists join the concert of the weekend for us to rejoice these days.

The new items for this weekend

  • C. Tangana – ‘I am Never’

“It’s sad but beautiful” announced Anton, better known by C. Tangana, before its release. ‘I Am Never‘ it is the Top 1 from that has been posted on Youtube. The artist breaks with the style bad-boy shown on their previous releases. The ballad to the rhythm ‘trap’ share verses that we already know, such as “cómo quieres que te quiera if you’re not here” de Rosario. By putting oneself in the place of a womantalks about the love at a distance and relationship problems.

  • Siloam and Miss Caffeine – ‘The Life That you Give Me’

A melody and strong in the pool of Siloam shows all its character. Of the Hand of the duo Miss Caffeine create ‘The Life That You Give Me‘, produced 100% online from home. A melodic pop/electronica that mixes the styles of artists in one. With its powerful lyrics and rhythms to convey everything we’re feeling during these days of quarantine.

  • Becky G and Gente de Zona – ‘Girl’

The theme of Becky G next to People of Area it is the most Latin and ‘reggaetonero’ of the weekend. ‘Girl‘ it has a rhythm that invites to dance, although now what we have to do it alone in our living room. A proposal that already smells like summer.

Orozco presents ‘Today‘, in which your voice excites us and causes us to many feelings. In the theme has a optimistic vision on what comes after these hard days. A cry of hope in the future to keep looking forward.

The acronym stands for ‘Love of my life‘. A sweet song about love. The artist said on their social networks: “We are going through difficult times, but I hope that this song can you feel close to those who are far away“. ADMV is a ballad that breaks with the style of the singer, who shows his emotions and confesses to having cried during recording.

  • Soraya with Mumbai – ‘The Good’

Soraya presents her new song ‘Looks and Shadows’. The album of 14 songs will pick up between them this topic in which he has collaborated with Mumbai. ‘Good thing’ is full of pace and optimism for us to focus on what awaits us after this quarantine.


  • Omar Montes, and Nyno Vargas – ‘Hi, babe’

This is one of the few themes that are released today but have not been recorded during the confinement. Of this we are sure, as the rapper Nyno Vargas has spent months on the island of ‘Survivors’. Within your style urban, with a touch of reggaeton and ‘trap’ mixed with his voice aflamencada, Omar Montes comes with Nyno ‘Hi, Babe’, a song to dance and enjoy themselves, already thinking of summer nights.


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