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    Yes, the theory on how they work social networks and how it helps us to be in contact with friends that we don’t have close to our day-to-day, we know it to perfection. Of course, for that reason, we’re not going to get just our facet more tender and naíf, and to deny that, on occasions, Instagram it can be a field of battle where the daggers roam free and the covert messages (or both) are directed to their targets directly and without mercy.

    And it is that there are many examples of ‘celebrities‘that is entangled in discussions within this social network but, this week, Instagram has suffered a real stir with the last round of the battle between Cara Delevingne and Justin Bieber. When it seemed that the relationship between these two artists was at a point of peace and harmony, Face has shared a publication in their ‘feed’ of a video in which we can see the canadian singer in the program James Corden where, at one point in the interview, he throws a challenge in that you have to choose who gets best of three of the closest friends (and known) his wife, Hayley Bieber, and sort them from most to least. In this way, Justin doubt a few seconds, and he confesses that Kendall Jenner is their favorite, followed by Gigi Hadid and, in last place, Cara Delevingne.

    Clear that Justin has not wanted to leave this whole issue without more and, after giving their response, wanted to clarify that Kendall was the girl with the most relationship I had, then it would be Gigi and, in last place, would be Expensive, with that said it did not have that much relationship. This has upset the model london and has erupted with a text that challenges Justin Bieber to unlock of Instagram and remember, through the two photos, the friendship that united them a few years ago. In the first picture we can see them together on the catwalk parade Victoria’s Secret in the year 2012 where they both agreed; while, in the second, we can see the moment in which Cara Delevingne decided to raparse the head and the two young men immortalized the moment with a picture together.

    Now vs. before. If you don’t have anything against me, why don’t you unlock? I love you, @haileybieber, but should have eaten a bull’s penis“.

    And, of course, after analyzing all this situation, then say, “Look, Face, is what you get in this situation like that and you create a controversy between you and Justin Bieber?”. The thing is that for understand the anger of the model we have to make a memory and go back a few years. Here, as if a chapter of Falcon Crest is involved, we will be able to understand the origin of this enmity. And it all started with the conflict between Taylor Swift and your ex representative, Scooter Braun, which in turn is the manager of Justin Bieber.

    Here, in a mess very media on the rights of the songs of Taylor, the world of the ‘celebrities’ had to position themselves in two teams: #TeamBraun or #TeamTaylor. Well, while Justin Bieber he is supported by his partner Scooter Braun, Cara Delevingne I could not do anything other than give the reason to her friend Taylor and, to do this, I do not hesitate to inveigh against the couple Bieber-Baldwin reminding them both of the importance of this whole matter.

    What gentleman? @haileybieber @justinbieber you must be very bored. I wish I pasarais less time defending the men and more time trying to understand women and respecting their valid reactions. As a married man, you should pick up women instead of tear them down because you feel threatened. I’m not sure I really understand what that is an apology. This problem that you are talking about @taylorswift is much more than a picture and you know it. As you said, you have not spoken with her in years, which means that you definitely do not understand the situation. I understand it. Take a step back and try to learn from this. We should all be on the same computer. End of the story.”

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