Cara Delevingne, angry by a comment from Justin Bieber


Drama in the fashion world. Cara Delevingne is released openly criticizing the singer Justin Bieber after his latest statements in which he has been appointed. A counter-attack that was accompanied by the remembrance on the part of the model one of their moments on the catwalk for Victoria’s Secretin particular , the experience of the November 7, 2012 in New York city when paraded for the signing of lingerie while the canadian was acting, singing in a live performance of his theme Beauty and A Beat. But what controversial comments has bothered to model british and what has prompted this memory from eight years ago?

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A few days ago, Justin Bieber’s participation in the u.s. program of interviews The Late Show the tv presenter and comedian James Corden. There, the canadian singer did not hesitate to follow the normal play of this space in which the section is found Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts. In it, you must respond to sensitive questions or, on the contrary, eat something little tempting, as a food of meat. This was the unappetizing menu that is facing the star of the song that he decided to decline the offer of food and respond to what it was.

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The question of the british comedian was very direct and encouraged Justin to respond with which of the friends of his wife, the model Hailey Baldwinhad more to do and in what order of preference. Do not hesitate to improvise a ranking that led Kendall Jenner followed Gigi Hadid and, finally, Cara Delevingne. “I know better to Kendall, I’ve spent more time with her, she is a good friend of ours. I have not spent much time with Gigi and also with Face,” he said.

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A seemingly innocent response that does not have a premonition that would be the cause of anger for Cara Delevingne. The model and british actress did not hesitate to collect on your social profile of Instagram a video with the moment in which Justin replied to James Corden and contrasted with that moment on the catwalk of Victoria’s Secret where agreed; and a selfie of two years ago, proving that yes they have met on several occasions. A contraateque that puts in evidence the canadian and demonstrates the true relationship that exists between both. And even more if you read the message that elle I threw together these pictures: “Now vs Before. If you don’t have anything against me, then why don’t you unlock? I love you Hailey Biber [Baldwin]”.