Cardi B does not take lightly the decision of the State of Georgia

MIAMI, (united States).- Cardi B is not taking up the slack of the order stay at home in Georgia, where she lives with her husband Offset, to the light and is extremely “angry and frustrated” so that made the governor of the state, Brian Kemp.

The decision, which comes into effect on the April 30, arises in spite of the increasing spread of COVID-19. “Cardi is furious because these restrictions are lifting so early, she thinks that is very wrong,” said a source to the magazine HollywoodLife. “She is trying to use your platform to warn people because he truly fears for his community.”

One of the reasons why the uprising is affecting both the young rapper is because the uncle of Offset recently lost his battle with the coronavirus, and do not want to see more people infected. “This is so personal for Cardi and Offset, as they lost to a member of the family,” explained the source.

Cardi B expressed his fear for the uprising on the 20th of April, when he responded to a posting on Instagram that he shared details about the extent of the state. “I just want to let the people NOT RUN BY THEIR PARENTS OR GRANDPARENTS! Once there sick and in the hospital witty, you will not be able to see how and with what the are trying to” read his response.

“I literally will die slowly! They are not feeding the patience to greedy with the right foods, tea to increase your immunities. IT MEDICATION IMMEDIATE! Their parents, grandparents or YOU will likely for your account in a hospital’s cold without physical contact their loved ones,” wrote the artist.

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