Cardi B is not confident in the measures of prevention before the COVID-19


The rapper shared a moment with their followers through a live broadcast from your account of Instagram. Cardi Blike the majority of the population in the united States, located in your home as part of the quarantine that the country has been suggested to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

This pause to their activities was a good opportunity to be able to converse with their fans and share a little about your perspective of the situation that is living. However, Cardi surprised the viewers of this live when he said he was distrustful of the work that the government was doing to protect the population.

The rapper shared that he recently saw
a report on YouTube about the way in which Wuhan managed the public health emergency triggered by the COVID-19, that’s why he said that, while
Wuhan sent to the people to quarantinewhile no one nearly came out
had staff performing the tasks of cleaning and disinfection in the street.

Cardi B a doubt that while she is at home her government is doing something. He also said that
not are moving the right way on how to identify if a person had acquired the virus, because from their perspective it was highly likely that it may not be mistaken with other things and for this reason do not take the appropriate measures.
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