Cardi B points out that the coronavirus was done by the man


LOS ANGELES, California.- Cardi B became a well-known personality for his sense of humor, so much so that a few weeks ago, your image is viralizó due to the panic that claimed by the coronavirus.

Now the singer held a live, in your account of Instagram where we again address the issue on the current pandemic. On this occasion pointed out that he believed in one of the conspiracy theories that have been around networking since the days of the outbreak.

The rapper added that he did not think that was something that was born inside of a animal in China, because in the country they have many years eating the way they do, by ensuring that eu-made man.

‘Yes, someone did that mier*, it is a fact, yes, that was done by a man with a penis or someone with a vagina’, as we hear the interpreter of ‘I Like It’.

The famous also added that he was eager to travel to New York to see his family. However his mother has asked him not to go because that is one of the states with the most cases in the neighbouring country.

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