Danna Paola boasts which famous actor could be your CRUSH


It seems that Danna Paola it is like many young people who fell in love with the handsome actor Zac Efron from their participation in the trilogy “High School Musical”. The actress and singer of 24 years has revived his fangirl, within which is now in the quarantine, and bragged about a few pictures of the famous american actor. It is his crush!

Danna Paola some years ago he confessed that his platonic love has always been the former Disney star Zac Efron who is currently 32 years old. And is that the famous Hollywood actor became the crush of most of the young women from all over the world, because the artist showed a great talent in dancing, singing and acting; in addition to being very attractive.

So the interpreter of “Hey Paul” taught in their stories of Instagram is still in love with Zac, since they showed a mythical scene of the movie HSM when the actor was in his role of Troy Bolton, the young man basket player who wanted to be a singer. The images were accompanied by an emoji very thought-provoking.

Danna Paola wanted to fall in love with Zac Efron

Some years ago, the mexican artist revealed that at some time thought fall in love with Efron, although do not know and live thousands of miles away, she was very excited about the idea of you ever meet the famous actor in hollywood and that maybe between the two there is a romance. It would be his dream!

Danna Paola and Zac Efron/photo: New Woman

Danna Paola and Zac Efron/photo: New Woman

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But now Danna Paola it seems that you already have a new crush to a part of Zac, since it has been rumored that maintains a relationship with his companion of the series “Elite”, Jorge Lopez. On several occasions they have both shown signs of having an affair, but so far none have confirmed or denied that there is something between them.

However, fans are hoping that this courtship will soon confirm. But, could it be that Danna Paola even think conquer to Zac Efron?