Daughter of Juan Manuel Santos said that the ‘colombians are dead of hunger’

The colombians are dead of hunger and a gonorreas” it is the phrase that a user of Twitter attributed to Mary Antonia Santos, daughter of the former president of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos, on the 21st of April in a triune god who does not give any details of where it would be pronounced and in what context.

The Twitter account @echeverry_sol published the message by using an image of Saints in his years as President, in the which is accompanied of Maria Antonia and Martin, another of their children. On the image is the phrase, used to way holder that gives evidence of having been published in a means of information, since it says “Outrageous, the daughter of Saints speaks in a derogatory manner about the colombians: colombians are dead of hunger and gonorreas”, a format used, in particular, in some digital media.

False appointment of Maria Antonia Santos

A survey on web search engines on the phrase we threw as a result that an account of Facebook in the year 2017 had used a similar phrase, though the phrase is not the same or used the image with which he illustrated Twitter.

Searches in media we don’t have returned results that the phrase had been pronounced by the daughter of Saints, since there is no reference to her or controversial for that.

The publications of newspapers, magazines and social networks refer to it to give news on the birth of their second child, as this note of Publimetro, published on 20 April, i.e. a day before the trill @echeverry_sol, which refers the name of the new baby of Maria Antoniabut with the approach that you know the name of the new grandson of the former president.

In addition to that, a crawl into the networks of María Antonia Santos did not reveal that she had referred to the phrase, not even to refute this statement.

Some comments under the message on Twitter asking for an extension of the information, and specify where and when was that, however the user has not replicated with these data.

Therefore, we conclude that the information contained in the triune god is false.

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