DC: Warner could bring to the movie, “The death of Superman” No Henry Cavill?


Warner again, I would bet by the hero’s most famous DCdespite the little success of Henry Cavill in “Man of Steel” with a movie adaptation of “The death of Superman” without the actor.

DC: Warner could bring to the movie, “The death of Superman” No Henry Cavill?

Comic “The Death of Superman” (1992)

DC and Warner not have given up on their desire to relive the glory years of cinemas in Supermanbut until now Henry Cavill it has not yet given the popularity of the hero that Christopher Reeve got it, so it could be replaced.

For this reason, the movie adaptation of “The death of Superman” would be independent of the Universe Paving of DC, as it was “Joker”, so Henry Cavill no longer give life to Man of Steel.

According to the site, We Got This Covered, Warner and DC chose to adapt to film, “The death of Superman” by the popularity of comic books among the fans of the Man of Steel, as he revived the character in that industry when I was starting to feel irrelevant.

The death of Superman DCEU

In 1992, “The death of Superman” showed the kryptonian fight against Doomsday in the streets of Metropolis, resulting in the death of both, but Superman revives in “The Reign of the Supermen”.

Warner and DC tried to adapt the story with Henry Cavill in “Batman vs Superman: the Origin of the Justice” and “Justice League” but it was not an adaptation faithful to the comic which was not popular with the fans and also the critical to interweave the story with many more wefts in the same tape.

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So far, none of the studies has confirmed the new adaptation of “The death of Superman” or the possibility of a next tape of Superman in the DC Universe, which supposedly would be directed by JJ Abrams.

Neither has confirmed whether Henry Cavill will continue to be part of the DCEU in the tape, which is planned for 2022 or 2023.