Demi Lovato forgets the words of the song in the full interview


Demi Lovato he was a guest in a radio interview in the united States, where the challenged to complete the lyrics of their songs, however, there was one that failed, and it was the song “Skyscraper” in its Spanish version “Skyscrapers”, and forced to confess that in reality we do not know the song.

Demi Lovato he said that when he recorded the Spanish version of his popular song, was a person next to it that told him exactly what to say, and she only repeatedwithout knowing the meaning of the words, although by the context of the song, I knew that I should not be so far from the meaning in English.

The interview is from a few years, however, has returned to dwell among internet users after that Demi Lovato will return to the music with more strength that never, in the last installment of the Grammys.

Demi Lovato and her triumphant return

Demi Lovato won the admiration of all his followers after having returned to the music with the song Anyone, in the last installment of the grammys, where the emotion of the interpreter was transmitted to all his followers, in this presentation where the former girl Disney shed some tears.

Although not yet announced officially who will bring a new album, their fans expect that Demi Lovato pulled out a new disk, since its last material came out over four years ago.

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So soon we can enjoy the songs that Demi Lovato has been presenting recently as “I Love Me”, which has a total of 21 million visits, less than two weeks of being released.