Evaluna Montaner delighted his fans by dancing to the beat of Justin Bieber


The young man could not hide his liking for a song from the artist and decided to do a small choreography.

26 Apr 2020 10:34By: canalrcn.com

The actress and singer Evaluna Montaner delighted their fans by dancing to the beat of one of their favorite artists, the canadian Justin Bieber.

With the help of the application Tik Tokthe young man shared a short video through your stories in your account Instagram dancing along to Paula Macher.

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Both decided to make a choreography to the musical success of singer “Intentions”, which was performed in the company of the rapper american Quavo, who makes part of the trio of hip-hop Migos, whose song is in their third collaboration together.

That topic was released last February and has managed to position itself in the first places on the digital platforms in different countries, in addition to obtain up to date, almost 60 million views on YouTube.

Since its launch, Evaluna has been enchanted with the song and with this dance he took the opportunity to reveal that he has not been able to take it out of the head.

“Obsessed with this (song)”wrote about the publication in the who wore it with very casual clothing and took the opportunity to pass the time and entertain his followers in the midst of this quarantine because of the coronavirus (COVID 19), which passes along to all his family at his home in Miami.

It should be remembered that this is not the first time that dances to the rhythm of Justin Bieberbecause when the artist pulled out “Yummy”also went out doing a few movements, showing their happiness for the premiere of the song, but on that occasion, to the edge of the sea.

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