‘Focus’: The atypical story of Margot Robbie for getting the lead role – movie News


Did you think that Hollywood stars have it all under control? After knowing the story of Margot you will be stunned.

By consecutive days Focus: Masters of the scam is the movie most view within of Netflix in our country and we can understand it: having Will Smith and Margot Robbie starring in a story of luxurious robberies and an atypical love story is a good choice for you to enjoy in full quarantine. For this we will return to one of the anecdotes most surprising on the life of the charismatic Robbie, and that is related to this movie.

You’ve surely heard all kinds of stories of how an actor lived in the moments prior to the casting of a big Hollywood production, but we can assure you nothing compares to crossing several countries, an entire continent and overcome all kinds of bad luck, so he told Entertainment Weekly Margot Robbie: “I was backpack in the back for a week with my brother on an island in the outskirts of Croatia.”

I ended up having 24 hours most crazy of my life. I was soaked because he had been swimming, went back to the hostel at 6 in the morning, not slept. I turn on my phone and I get all these messages: ‘they Want you to do an audition for Focus. Your flight leaves tonight. There is only one catamaran (boat) to the mainland and out in 20 minutes.’”

This seemed like a genuine movie of Mission impossible, it had all the elements: time, stopwatch, a water transport that would take her to a plane to land on another continent. There is No room for error, much less if it is a casting for a film of huge profile along with star Will Smith; in this way he continued the story.

“So, I’m grabbing my things and I go out running and taking the catamaran, I take a bus to the airport, I arrive at the airport and I hope six hours; the flight to France and I hope other six hours; the flight to New York, and when I get there they have lost my luggage. My shoes are wet, my denim shorts are damp, I don’t have makeup or clothes…”

I figured that in the last 50 hours I had six hours of sleep in total, I walked into the audition and it turns out that Will was late in coming.

Yes, it turns out that the enormous stress that had been living in the interpreter australian two-times Oscar nominee had already taken effect and his patience had been forgotten hours ago at some point in the flight between Croatia and New York. And with some of the arguments in their favor, ended up downloading it all before the good Will: “he comes in and says: ‘sorry, I’m late, was of Queens’. And I look at Will and I wonder: ‘Yes? Well, I have just come from an island off Croatia and I’m here on time’.”

Without a doubt, a direct hit to the pride, but in the end everything was like a curious anecdote because neither Will Smith nor Margott return to have a tense moment as the one that is short lived before the first tests of characters. And just to finish the story and using the charisma that is well known, Robbie aroused in the following way.

“When I was hired for Focus, they said that they liked my audition. I thought, “So I got the job, because it seemed like a shit and called Will Smith an asshole?’ It worked well. Acting 101%, I guess.”

Who would he say it? The own Margot Robbie has also experienced the most stress of not reaching on time for an appointment, you have lost your luggage in an airport, nor has it been asleep and not even neat; seriously, it seems somewhat unlikely, but he had to overcome before all of these tests just to get the role of the intrepid Jess in Focus: Masters of the scam.