Hailee Steinfeld returns to Niall Horan with his new single



If you had any doubt that the girl that had inspired the new album of Niall Horan -who narrates in a linear manner as a rupture sentimental – it was his alleged ex-Hailee Steinfeld, she appears to have been proposed despejarlas now publishing his own song on the end of a sentimental relationship.

Their new single, ‘I Love You’s’, has been inspired in the classic of Annie Lennox’s ‘No More ‘I Love You’ s, 1995, and form part of your next musical work, which will be launched in two parts. The first of them will be available as of next may 1 and will include the single ‘Wrong Direction’, that saw the light in January.

The own Hailee has been in charge of explaining that the album stemmed from a failure romantic that made you open your eyes and realize that I needed to spend a time alone to focus on discovering what were their priorities, “without the distractions of through”.

“There is something wonderful in deciding what is best for you and make it your top priority. And that’s what this album,” he said in a public statement.

Its rumored to be dating, which was never confirmed, seems to have proved to be very useful in the artistic plane, both to Niall as Hailee: he used it to create the story of ‘Heartbreak Weather’, and her picturesque about the painful experience that would have lived at his side in the ‘Wrong Direction’ singing “don’t you hate / couldn’t do it even if I wanted to”.