Halle Berry: her small son wear heels and attack him with cruel criticism


We are all coping with being our home for so long, there are those who get creative and begin to imporvisar, thing that happened to the young son of the oscar winner Halle Berry, who decided to take a walk with the high heels of mom and was the victim of ridicule in social networks.

Halle Belly has remained attentive to all your followers from your account instagram, and has shared moments in the family, food recipes and basically your daily life during the cuerentena, so that it is not soprendernos that has uploaded a very funny video of her small son.

In the video Halle Berry appears his little son of six years, Meceo, walking with a lot of trust on your home with a pair of white boots leather, a thing that is very funny and the actress wanted to document how the days of quarantine at home, which is not what awaited were the reactions or comments from their followers.

Shortly after that the video would see the light, the publication received thousands of likes and hundreds of comments, unfortunately not everyone understood the point of the publication, and criticized both the small son of Halle Berry as to her mother for letting her wear heels.

To the feedback and so very friendly Hally Berry he said that it was just a very innocent pass the quarantine and that his son did not harm anyone. He asked the people who made these comments that they understood that he was a little boy trying not to get bored.

And it seems that people often feel entitled to judge the first, even with the most simple things, so that Halle Berry do not let that affect or to her or to her son, and to the remarks that offended the small ni siquera made case. And is that already it is time to lay aside the prejudices and the mentality of our grandparents.