Halsey announces that it is withdrawing from the music for a while


It seemed that it was in his best professional moment, but Halsey needs a break and has done so in know. The american artist has shared with his followers a publication which informed them of its firm decision to take time out and get away from scenarios to recharge the batteries and come back with the same force that has always characterized.

The singer just started her new world tour ‘Manic World Tour’ it starts in Europe, in fact, has gone through Madrid and Barcelona, and has been a resounding success, even if success does not seem to be a reason of sufficient weight as to continue without making a stop on the way.

Today, Halsey is one of the relevant artists of the moment, at the international level. For this reason, their fans have stayed descolocados to know the decision of the artist to withdraw from the scenarios.

Halsey will continue doing concerts in Europe until the next march 12, a day which will end your tour in the continent and will be heading to the united States where she will continue with the tour.

The artist is happy with the reception that has had the tourand he likes that his fans are happy all the time, it tends to have nice gestures with them, such as when hours before his concert in Madrid, sent his team to spread pizza among the fans who were queuing outside the venue.

Even so, you need to stop: “I think that 2020 will mark the end of my tour for a time. Thank you for making the memories so special. I am appreciating all the nights” you can read on your Instagram. A break is understandable, and after that will return better than ever.